Salvation Army Fran Cohen Youth Center

Naples, FL

Converting a former auto dealership into an ultra-modern Youth Center for the Salvation Army.

The new Salvation Army Fran Cohen Youth Center is a vibrant and engaging space that empowers young people to explore their interests, develop new skills, and form meaningful connections with their peers. This project focused on transforming a former car dealership into a youth center that offers space for various classes and activities.

Major demolition and rework of the existing building structure included the removal of the second floor and raising the building slab 18 inches to meet new flood requirements. The floor plan was remodeled to provide ample classroom space for classes focused on arts and technology. The renovated classroom space includes a dedicated area for pottery, culinary arts, visual arts, dance, drama, and technology labs. These areas are designed to facilitate learning and experimentation, with high-quality equipment and materials provided for each class. Large window bays throughout the building, provide plenty of natural light to all areas.

The renovation space also included a lounge area for young people to relax, socialize, and work on homework. This area includes comfortable seating and lockers for students to store their personal belongings securely.


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