Our Team

Committed to delivering exceptional results, our dynamic and experienced leadership team prioritizes innovation, efficiency, and client satisfaction.

Meet Our Founders

David Diamond
CEO | Co-Founder
John DeAngelis, President | Co-Founder
John DeAngelis
President | Co-Founder

Our Leadership

Reggie Morgan
COO | Principal
Brett Diamond, CAO | Principal
Brett Diamond
CAO | Principal

Robert Lewis, Executive VP / Principal
Robert Lewis
Executive VP / Principal

Grant Goebel, CFO
Grant Goebel
Christian Young, General Counsel
Christian Young
General Counsel
Brian Hood, VP | Field Operations
Brian Hood
VP | Field Operations
Kaisa Schmidt, VP | Marketing & Public Relations
Kaisa Schmidt
VP | Marketing & Public Relations
Bryan Trtan, VP | Preconstruction
Bryan Trtan
VP | Preconstruction
David Kovalik, VP | Division Manager Detroit
David Kovalik
VP | Division Manager Detroit
Scott Beck, VP | Division Manager Sarasota
Scott Beck
VP | Division Manager Sarasota
TJ Sellers, VP | Division Manager Orlando
TJ Sellers
VP | Division Manager Orlando
Brian McKenzie
Director of Special Projects
Kiley Tyler
Head of People
Brian Thor, VP | Project Management
Brian Thor
VP | Project Management
Zannon Garza, VP|Business Development
Zannon Garza
VP|Business Development
John Odom, VP|Business Development
John Odom
VP|Business Development
Mick Thornton
Director of Business Development
Todd Freed
VP of Healthcare

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