Grace Place Schoen Building

Naples, FL

Building a comprehensive educational facility that includes two interconnected buildings for Grace Place.

The Schoen Center is a remarkable facility, designed to provide a comprehensive educational experience for young learners. The center comprises two distinct buildings, the Bright Beginnings Building and the Early Learning Building, totaling 9,000 sq. ft.

The Bright Beginnings Building houses a state-of-the-art computer lab, multiple classrooms, and several offices to support staff and administration. The building’s design and layout have been optimized to foster a nurturing and welcoming environment, providing children with ample space to learn and explore.

The Early Learning Building includes an impressive enrichment room, designed to provide young learners with a creative and stimulating environment in which to develop their skills and talents. Additionally, several large multi-use rooms have been incorporated into the building, offering flexibility for a wide range of activities and events.

The Schoen Center is characterized by a vibrant and interconnected design, with the two buildings linked by a spacious and inviting open-air gathering space. This central area serves as a hub for community engagement and social interaction, promoting collaboration and cooperation among students, teachers, and parents alike.

Overall, the Schoen Center is a remarkable example of thoughtful and intentional design, aimed at providing a nurturing and supportive environment for young learners to thrive and grow.


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