Tennessee Children’s Home

Spring Hill, TN

Crafting the new campus for the Tennessee Children’s Home in Spring Hill.

An expansive 55,168 sq. ft. campus project, the brand-new Tennessee Children’s Home provides children in need a community to grow in. Major site work cleared land for the development of buildings catering to the needs of the Tennessee Children’s Home kids and staff. Several group homes constructed across the property provide a comfortable living space for children coming to the organization. They provide ample space for two or more children to be housed at a time and include a private bath. The property also features a private home for the live-in director, providing a space for them to reside while responding to the 24-hour needs of the campus residents. A classroom building was also constructed on campus as a solution to the educational needs of the organization. It features several classrooms for learning, a large cafeteria, an industrial kitchen, and a gymnasium with basketball courts. Construction of the campus also included a pool for recreational activities and summer entertainment for the residents of the Tennessee Children’s Home.


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