Grace Place McNamara Family Learning Center

Naples, FL

Constructing the Grace Place McNamara Family Learning Center, a welcoming modern education solution.

Grace Place for Children and Families is a faith-based non-profit neighborhood center focused on breaking the cycle of poverty by teaching literacy and language and life skills to children and families at risk in Collier County.

The all-new McNamara Building consisted of construction on an 8,762 sq. ft., 2-story classroom building. The facility is a spacious and modern educational building, designed to provide children and families with a comfortable and engaging learning environment. Pre-engineered wood joists and metal roofing aided in speeding up the construction of the new facility and large window features let in natural light. Classrooms are laid out carefully to optimize space and create an inviting atmosphere, highlighted with brightly colored accent walls to give the room a playful environment for children.


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