Trustpoint Hospital

Murfreesboro, TN

Supplementing Acadia’s Trustpoint Hospital with an expansive behavioral health addition.

This project at Acadia’s TrustPoint Hospital is a substantial addition, spanning over 96,000 sq. ft. The centerpiece of this project is a two-story, 123-bed acute care behavioral health addition, which will be connected to the existing TrustPoint Hospital via a 2,300 sq. ft. one-story interior renovation. In addition to the expansion, the project will include the construction of a new storage building and the expansion of the existing building to accommodate seven additional patient beds. The new facility will feature state-of-the-art technology and equipment, along with modern, comfortable, and calming spaces designed to promote patient well-being and healing. The project is expected to significantly increase the hospital’s capacity to provide high-quality behavioral health care services to the community.


Behavioral Health
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$ 0 M+

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