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Project Delivery Methods and Services

We provide a comprehensive offering of Project Delivery Methods complemented by Innovative Services to help you build a successful project. We can help you choose the best approach and right services for you and your project goals.

Construction Management

CM at Risk is often the most common approach chosen by our clients. This project delivery method begins at the earliest stage of a project’s concept where we have the greatest impact on the project’s success. We ensure success by instilling transparency, engaging our innovative solutions, and utilizing our vast relationships and expertise through an intensive collaboration with you, your design professionals, vendors and trade partners. The entire process, from concept through completion, is led by DeAngelis Diamond’s expert preconstruction services and construction team members.

General Contracting

With this traditional delivery method, our efficient estimating team prepares a competitive lump sum price that meets the exact specifications provided by your design professionals. Our skilled superintendents, and project management team constructs the project with the highest level of safety, schedule and quality standards.

Preconstruction Services

We have the greatest impact on the success of our client’s projects when we have the opportunity to involve our expert Preconstruction Team at the earliest stage of the design process. We lead an innovative, idea driven and intensely collaborative team approach. We apply Lean principles, develop and update project budgets throughout each stage of design, research emerging building products, techniques, methods and technology, provide VR and BIM simulations, include sustainability analysis, value analysis, constructability reviews, develop accurate accelerated schedules and more.


At DeAngelis Diamond we believe we should have a positive influence on everyone we meet. Since, buildings make an environmental impact on our world, we also believe every project is an opportunity to have a positive influence on our environment. We enjoy assisting our clients in achieving their sustainability goals. Our staff of LEED accredited team members have the expertise to help identify opportunities to enhance the sustainability of your project and find the right balance between your project’s budget and sustainability goals.

Drones - Unmanned Aerials Vehicles (UAV)

With the rapid development of drone technology, we are finding more and more use cases to assist us in building better projects. DeAngelis Diamond has in-house UAV licensed professionals that fly our drones to assist in monitoring and managing our projects. We use drones to conduct safety inspections in high floors, over roofs and conduct quicker overall site inspections. Drones are utilized to provide high definition images of projects which serve as progress reports to our team members and clients. We also use drones during our Preconstruction Services to help create virtual reality simulations for staging projects and providing clients with better visualization of their building’s site orientation and conditions.


This approach offers a single source of responsibility and speed to delivery. DeAngelis Diamond assembles an entire design and construction team with the right experience to provide you with a seamless project delivery.

Program Management

As expert consultants and client advisors, we help our clients make better decisions about how to use creative, innovative, idea driven solutions for their building and infrastructure projects. Our Program Management team of experts assist clients in the successful development of projects with services that include conceptualizing, feasibility studies, architect and contractor selection, design, permitting, entitlement, budgeting, cost controls, scheduling, furniture & equipment procurement, occupancy logistics, commissioning and new building techniques, products, methods and emerging technology research. Check out our brand new Program Management video under the Media, Videos tab!

Lean Construction

Lean techniques eliminate redundancy and waste, enhance collaboration and improve project outcomes. Through DeAngelis Diamond’s extensive experience, we have developed expert Lean principles that increase collaboration with all project team members, thus utilizing expertise and sharing knowledge to minimize time and waste, while maximizing value and quality, and providing the best project outcomes.


We use Virtual Design Construction (VDC) and Building Information Modeling (BIM) to assist clients with better design choices and reduce the time and costs of construction. Through BIM, we can generate a digital representation of the building and its components, which allow us to discover and plan for conflicts in design prior to construction. This saves time delays and additional expenses. With our Innovation Lab we utilize Virtual Reality (VR) tools, software and state-of-the-art technology to generate virtual reality simulations of projects that enable clients to better visualize their finished projects during the early design stages. With insight from virtual walkthroughs, clients view what their project will look like, identify challenges and make informed design decisions to ensure that the final product meets their vision.