The Glenridge on Palmer Ranch Expansion

Sarasota, FL

Managing the construction of the expansive Glenridge on Palmer Ranch community expansion.

Glenridge on Palmer Ranch is an expansive project aiming to further develop and meet the needs of the growing community. Three projects make up the entire expansion and renovation work on the property including the North Community, the Kamberg Wellness Center, and the Kiltie Cafe.

The North Community expansion features the all-new construction of 104 club-style homes and villas. These encompass modern living facilities, designed to look like independent houses in a small, quiet neighborhood on the north side of the Glenridge on Palmer Ranch property.

The Kamberg Wellness Center project features the new construction of an over 10,000 sq. ft. facility. It fulfills the need for a healthcare solution within the community and provides space for larger public gatherings. It boasts a modern and clean design with spaces divided up clearly for function. The Wellness Center caters to physical rehabilitation and therapy with rooms crafted to support a patient’s journey to recovery.

The Kiltie Cafe has been an existing fixture within the Glenridge community for years. This new renovation and expansion aim to modernize the cafe so that it can better serve its community. The project features 9,550 sq. ft. of work focused on opening up the space and giving it a more trendy and welcoming atmosphere.


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