Extra Space Kendall

Kendall, FL

Leading the construction of a state-of-the-art, climate controlled storage facility for Extra Space.

Extra Space Kendall is a state-of-the-art facility that’s designed to provide the ultimate in storage solutions – a sleek and modern building that’s built to the highest possible standards. This exciting project includes the new construction of a stunning 4-story, 88,000 sq. ft. self-storage facility with climate-controlled space.

The scope of work is truly impressive, with a range of cutting-edge materials and techniques used to create a building that’s both functional and visually stunning. The first floor is constructed from robust concrete and masonry, providing a solid and reliable base for the rest of the structure. Meanwhile, the second, third, and fourth floors feature structural framing and EIFS, giving the building a sleek and modern appearance.

The climate-controlled space ensures that belongings are protected from the elements, maintaining a stable temperature and humidity level to keep everything in pristine condition. And with the latest security features and technology, customers can rest assured that their possessions are always safe and secure.


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