Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

"When we say we want to have a positive influence on everyone, we mean everyone. To do that well, we need diverse team members. Here at DeAngelis Diamond, we are committed to be a place that everyone feels like they belong, fit in, are included, welcomed, and have the same access and opportunities." - David Diamond

Building a Workplace and Project Teams that Reflect Society.

We believe that businesses have the greatest opportunity to have a positive impact on making a better world through diversity and inclusion.  It's a journey we are on together. We've made great progress in being a representation of the communities we serve, and we recognize we have much more to do. 


At DeAngelis Diamond, we know it's our people that make us a great company, and that's why they come first. To achieve our mission, we are building diverse, inclusive, high performing teams with people who share the same values and D&I initiatives that we care about and have a passion to join us in our mission. We are improving processes to limit bias in the interview, hiring, promotion, and retention process.


We are intentional in developing a culture that embraces diversity and inclusion. Inclusion, we believe, is more than a value we share; it has also become a part of our culture to be a place where everyone can show up as themselves and feel comfortable, welcomed, and have an immediate sense of belonging.

Data Driven

In 2017, we began surveying our teams, collecting and measuring data, and transparently sharing how we are doing, to improve our diversity and culture of inclusion.


We are committed to working with other businesses and organizations that promote the opportunity and success of underrepresented groups. Our people seek out and attend DEI focused conferences and panel discussion events that we can learn from. We are committed to seeking out Minority, Women, Veteran-owned businesses, and other DBE's, in order to provide them with opportunities to join our project teams.

Team DEI

In 2018, we created Team DEI; a diverse team comprised of our people, whose purpose is to advise DeAngelis Diamond to become a place where everyone feels like they belong, fit in, are included, welcomed, and all have the same access and opportunities.

Here's how we are making a difference


Every team leader and team member at DD receives implicit bias training to help them become aware of unconscious biases so that they may improve on eliminating them.


We continually celebrate our women in construction with initiatives, recognition, bringing awareness to communities, and promoting learning opportunities and open conversations.